Saturday, January 23, 2010

1.23.10 Outfit of the Day

Shirtdress-Target, Leggings-Hot Topic, Thigh-high socks-Target, Boots-thrifted, Purse-thrifted, Necklace-stolen from my sister :)

Thrift Finds!

I looove going to the second hand stores in my area. They are so unique. I found these at my favorite, St. Vincent de Paul. There's something so satisfying about finding a little treasure that someone else thought was garbage.The hiker boots made me laugh, because they are the just like the ones my boyfriend wears! Only, the more feminine version, so I had to get them. Here are a few things that I found:


Now, I'm no nun. But for Christ's sake, American Apparel has gone to new lows to promote their horribly basic and overpriced crap.

I always wonder who they are trying to sell to with these ads? Like an average woman would look at them and say, "Yes, their clothing would best aid me on my way to becoming a full-fledged prostitute. Looking at this naked woman makes me want to BUY THISSSS!!" Wrong.

Friday, January 22, 2010


I am so excited! I have a whole Saturday to go thrifting tomorrow! I haven't been in so very long on account of my money being spent on various other things. Ahem (drugs.) Kidding. I will post some outfit pictures tomorrow :) I will mostly be looking for costume jewelery, purses and SHOES! I have been looking for the perfect pair of cowboy boots to no avail...Does anyone know of some good online secondhand clothing stores? I would very much appreciate your help!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Room for One

Spring is almost here!(Sort of. Well. Not really.) And that means dusting off the Winter blahs, and doing some much needed cleaning.

Its so refreshing to get rid of all the extra stuff that's been piling up for-- who knows how long? I thought a great way to welcome Spring would be a room make over. :) I found some adorable things at a few online stores that I would like to share. I'm just getting some ideas for now...